Controlled quality from fresh slaughter and trusted german origin

Meat is a high quality food, which is important for our diet and − if well prepared − will offer a fine indulgence.

Most of all quailty is important.

Excellent quality and controlled safety are two mayor basic points in the corporate policy of Schröders Fleisch GmbH. The medium − sized family business has been very successfull on the market for over 35 years and has specialized today in the meat trade as a modern meat processing factory. We also trade beyond the german borders since 1992.

Schröders Fleisch GmbH delivers on the European continent so far to France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Spain.

The quality of meat is mostly influenced by the product the farmer delivers. This is why we only receive animals we choose from well selected farms.

We only cut up beef from secured german origin. This means: born, fattened, slaughtered and cut up in Germany. On top of this, we also offer pork, lamb, poultry, veal and vacuumized meat from South America. 

We secure the constant high quality standard of our meat products by long term cooperations with our partners in the farming and meat business.